About the Company

One day, the Sleep&Glow’s founder, a heavy side sleeper, noticed vertical wrinkles on her face. She went for a new round of fillers to her cosmetologist and discovered that the vertical lines were sleep wrinkles from her sleeping on the side and squashing her face every night. She also learned that fillers or Botox would give a very temporary solution, if she hadn’t changed the way she slept. The idea occurred to her mind - what if there would be a pillow for side-sleepers, which would minimize skin indentation and yet be comfy during sleep.

And the long journey of the Sleep&Glow pillow creation started. Given the background in one of the world’s top names in the beauty industry, the founder decided to create a truly unique, innovative, backed by research anti-aging pillow. It took collaboration with cosmetologists, orthopaedists, and sleep specialists across several European countries to develop the Sleep&Glow pillow design and prototypes. Only high-quality, safety approved European materials and the manufacturing site with ISO quality control system certification were selected to produce the Sleep&Glow pillow.

A lot of love, care, and knowledge were put into the development of the Sleep&Glow pillow. We really hope that you enjoy the pillow and see positive results on your skin and in your sleep.

Your Sleep&Glow Team!