The Omnia pillow review I am in my upper 60 ‘s and I never can stay on my back to sleep.I always stay on one side or the other.I stayed with down pillows most of my life then switched to contour pillows.A few weeks ago I noticed sleep marks on my face from eye to ear area and sometimes on the top of my cheek.I checked into the different beauty pillows and the sleep and glow omnia seemed to be best for my side sleeping.The first night I slept on it I had difficulty getting comfortable but the next morning I had no sleep creases.I researched some more videos on the Omnia and realized that one of the videos I saw gave me the wrong side to sleep on so I turned it around and I was comfortable all night.I have no sleep lines when I wake up and I am sure not having a side of my face smushed in a pillow will result in an improvement in wrinkles.It is a definite investment but my opinion is it’s worth it.Buy one today you won’t regret it.