I cannot believe how much I love this pillow, it is even better than I could have hoped for. I have become more aware recently of the deepening lines on my face and chest caused by the excessive pressure on my skin from side sleeping on regular pillows, so I tried to train myself to sleep on my back without much success. I would start out on my back when I fell asleep, but would always wake up on my side in the morning, regardless of how I placed my pillows to wedge myself in place. I found the Aula pillow while researching beauty pillows to help with back sleeping. This pillow is amazing and truly worth its weight in gold! Not only does the design of the pillow keep me in place on my back the entire night, but the foam in the pillow is incredibly soft and comfortable (not overly heavy and firm like most foam pillows). The elevated sides keep my head perfectly nestled in the middle of the pillow and the slightly elevated neck rest is the perfect shape and height for proper support. At first when I unboxed the pillow, I was a little discouraged because it was so compressed and didn't look as full as the product pictured... but after leaving it to air out for 48 hours, it completely filled out and took full shape and I could not be happier or more impressed with the quality. This pillow has absolutely changed the quality of my sleep in such a short time. I no longer toss and turn in the night, I wake up comfortably still on my back and so well rested... and the best part, there is no more creasing on my face or chest in the morning! I highly recommend this pillow, it is worth the investment for your skin and sleep health. I will purchase again in five years and for every five years after for the rest of my life!