PILLOWS (no matter the pillowcase material) when you sleep on the side or stomach.

Sleep wrinkles are caused by reqular pillows
(no matter the pillowcase material) when you sleep on the side or stomach.

The average head weighs 11lbs creating a lot of pressure to your skin when sleeping on the side or stomach. Look how skin can get twisted and folded during 8 hours of sleep on a regular pillow.

Over time, these creases and sleep lines can turn into permanent wrinkles.

What Is Important to Know About Wrinkle Types?

There are two types of wrinkles – expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles.

They are both caused by repetitive skin distortion but are different in nature. Expression wrinkles are caused by frequent facial muscle activity, while sleep wrinkles are provoked by continuous and aggressive contact with a regular pillow.


Expression wrinkles

are caused by repetitive facial muscle contraction


Sleep wrinkles

are caused by repetitive facial skin compression
when sleeping on your side or your stomach

  • Sleep wrinkles can worsen existing expression wrinkles, as the skin affected during sleep is usually creased along existing expression lines. The delicate skin around the eyes and lips is especially vulnerable to increased wrinkles caused by sleeping with a regular pillow.
  • Usually sleep wrinkles are vertical, but since our faces are very different and our preferable sleeping positions are diverse too, the creases may also be horizontal (particularly around the eyes).
  • Over time, sleep wrinkles don’t disappear in the morning but can turn into permanent wrinkles

Do You Have Sleep Wrinkles?
Find Out Now!

The areas most susceptible to sleep wrinkles are the forehead and the skin around the eyes, nose, and lips.

To find out whether your skin is exposed to sleep wrinkles, stand in front of the mirror and press on your facial skin with your palm to imitate contact with a regular pillow.

Anti-Wrinkle Solutions
  • Expression wrinkles can be successfully corrected with injections or with hyaluronic, acid-based fillers.
  • When we smile or frown, expression lines appear due to brief facial muscle contractions. However, skin indentation during sleep can last for hours. That’s why sleep wrinkles are so difficult to correct, and fillers can only provide a short-term solution.
  • Silk or satin pillowcases may reduce friction between your skin and the pillow, but it’s hard to believe that they can eliminate the pressure of an 11lb head causing skin indentation and eventually sleep wrinkles.

How to Fight Sleep Wrinkles?

  • In 1987 Dr. Samuel J. Stegman, the president of the American Dermatologists Society, and in 2016 Dr. Goesel Anson et al thoroughly examined and described the nature of sleep wrinkles and concluded that sleeping in the correct body position can help prevent these wrinkles.
  • Sleeping on the back is the best sleep position helping avoid the sleep wrinkles, but according to the British Sleep Society, 69% of people prefer sleeping on their side. The Sleep&Glow pillow was created to help side sleepers prevent and fight sleep wrinkles.