What do buyers say about Sleep&Glow

What do buyers say about Sleep&Glow


I couldn’t be more delighted with the pillow. I even had to buy an extra one for my husband to use, since he was stealing mine! I used to suffer from a pain in my neck every morning, but now with this pillow I sleep so well, and the pain has gone away.


I’d been considering purchasing this pillow for a long time and after reading a lot of reviews I decided to finally buy one. After three nights of using the pillow everything has changed for me. The quality of my sleep has improved, the stiffness in my neck has gone away, and I wake up with a fresh face without creases. Thanks so much!


For the last three months I’ve been sleeping on the new Sleep&Glow pillow. This pillow has a special anatomic shape with side hollows to prevent face compression against the pillow during sleep. In addition, there’s neck support to care about spine health. I can sleep both on the side and the back. The skin on my face doesn’t get squashed. It’s such a pity that I didn’t know about this pillow before. The Sleep&Glow pillow is the most comfortable pillow in my life. I don’t think I will ever move back to my previous ordinary pillow. Imagine, you’re sleeping, and something is taking care of the skin on your face, so that no more wrinkles appear.


I want to express my great admiration for the Sleep&Glow pillow. I’m so happy to own this pillow! It is truly comfortable, and I do not suffer anymore from morning puffiness and creases. I have owned other orthopaedic pillows and had my doubts that any would work, but this pillow really works! It was love from the first night!


Thank you for the timely delivery of the pillow. It was wrapped very nicely, and the usage instructions were very clear. The results I’ve experienced from sleeping on the pillow have exceeded my expectations. The pillow is very pleasant to touch, and I no longer experience morning puffiness and sleep wrinkles. I wish you a lot of happy customers, who will prolong their youth and health with your pillow.


In the 10 weeks I’ve owned this pillow it has helped me to start sleeping on my back and has eliminated my neck cramps and back stiffness. I thought that I’d need to buy a new mattress to solve my problems, but it turns out I just needed to buy this pillow.


The pillow is very comfy, especially the silk pillow case which is smooth to the touch and gentle to sleep on.


I can recommend the Sleep&Glow pillow to anyone who cares about their health. With this pillow it is very comfortable to sleep on your side, neck, half-side or stomach. My husband mentioned that I look younger and have no more sleep marks on my face in the morning. I love it so much, I even brought the pillow with me on vacation!


The Sleep&Glow pillow is a miracle. I can hardly get off the pillow in the morning. I was surprised to see that I don’t have morning puffiness any more. The face color has become so fresh. All in all, I don’t regret the purchase. It is worth the money.


Hello! I wanted to let you know that the Sleep&Glow is even better than I expected. The soft material makes it the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used before. The biggest worry I had was how I would put my arm under the pillow as this is how I normally sleep, but due to the design and the special neck support it offers, I don’t even want to put my arm under the pillow any longer. I’m so delighted! Thank you for this wonderful product!

Cheryl King

I am so happy I purchased this pillow. When I wake up, I go straight to the mirror and am elated to see NO new wrinkles on my face! I love the support it gives my neck. I did hesitate to make the purchase because of the price but am so glad I did. I am very pleased with my decision. I think it even helps me sleep better!

Julie Becker

This pillow is a great idea, but as a petite lady 5' 1" it was not sized for me. BE Careful, there is a 2 week return policy on this only. So you barely get to try it and they have to receive it by 2 weeks from the date you purchased it. I thought it was 30 days. So I'm stuck with a pillow that is too high for by neck. I purchased this pillow after a Youtube review.

Kari Grue

Simply in love. I mean, Norwegian in love


I love my pillow! It has made a huge difference in my sleep and skin. Kathy was so helpful and responsive. I would definitely recommend this to purchase.


I have spent hundreds in my quest to find a pillow that offered my neck constant support while sleeping. After a month of debating, I decided to give this pillow a try. Oh Em Gee, I have found the holy Grail of pillows!! I feel so refreshed when I wake up in the morning & my neck issues have greatly reduced and it’s only been 10 days! The beauty benefits are an extra bonus that I am grateful for. Buy this pillow NOW!!


I am so happy I bought this pillow! I had tried about three different types of anti-wrinkle pillows. I also tried to train myself to sleep on my back, but ended up with bad attacks of sleep apnea and it's just not my sleep style. Every morning, I woke up with this awful wrinkle on one side of my face or another that was getting worse. I have been using this pillow for about a month and now that one long wrinkle from my eye area down the side of my cheek is going away, along with a few other small ones. I wake up with no pillow wrinkles. It took a bit to get used to, but in no time the pillow started to work really well. I am so happy I found this pillow.

Francesca Singh

I just revived my sleep and glow pillow this week. For the last couple of months I have been suffering from neck pain and lower back pain. I have never felt better since having the pillow. I have tried so many different pillows and nothing ever helped. This pillow is truly the best!!! Now to get one for my husband


Uncomfortable. 0/5 stars


In the 3 months that I have owned this pillow, I have not only slept better but have noticed a difference in my skin. I’m very pleased with the results.

Wanda Saunders

I received both the pillow and the chest pillow. I received excellent customer service. I enjoy both products. The chest pillow does exactly what I wanted it to do; hope it will last a long time. I would highly recommend both products.

Chris Link

I love my sleep and glow pillow. I worked for a plastic surgeon for 5 years and he preached about the damage caused to your face by “side sleeping”. This pillow is perfect and i honestly believe is helping my fillers last longer since my face isn’t smushed for 8 hours a night.

shannon k newell

Have so enjoyed this pillow. Had a facelift 10 months ago and wish I had this immediately after surgery - will tell my plastic surgeon! Truly supports my face without the tugging and pulling I experienced on previous pillow which had a silk pillowcase. Great support - very comfortable - love it!

Rob Smith

I bought this pillow for my wife and she loves it. It doesn’t squish her face at night and she sleeps very well with it.


Thank you to Dr. Dray for recommending this pillow. I absolutely love it! My quality of sleep is so much better now. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my neck as well. The silk pillow case is so good for my skin and hair. It is truly worth every penny.


Great pillow. Takes A little getting used to. Wish I would’ve bought one along time ago to reduce my sleep wrinkles.

Stephanie Balkovec

Hello, the pillow was as advertised and very comfortable and silky!

Cherri O'Brien

I absolutely love the pillow! Great sleep and would highly recommend.

Diane S Van Der Tuuk

I was disappointed in the pillow. I could not adapt my sleeping habits so I could utilize it. Sorry

Natalya Pavkin

Sleep and Glow pillow is a great buy!!! This pillow was suggested by few ladies in some Beauty Group on a Facebook :) I was skeptical first but after reading few more reviews I decided to try and I'm glad I did! It took few days to get used to it and now I love my Sleep&Glow !. I was mostly sleeping on my stomach before and could not change from this sleeping position although I tried a lot and a s a result in the morning I had neck and shoulder pain and more prints on my face :( After I got Sleep&Glow pillow I noticed that mostly I sleep on sides or back, no more neck/shoulder pain and I hope less wrinkles on face. :) I think this pillow has the right amount of firmness and super comfortable. Highly recommended and Thank you Sleep&Glow for excellent product!

Monica De La Pava

Since I am using the pillow my neck and back pains stop. I highly recommended

Debbie Gough

I was really excited about trying this product, but it was exceptionally expensive to buy with the cost of shipping to the UK, and then it didn't work for me at all. If you want something to stop wrinkles very low down then it might work, but the wrinkles I wanted to reduce are the ones from the base of my neck down the decollette and this pillow didn't help with those at all! I sleep on my side with my arms up together under my pillow - this causes the pillow bra to puff out away from my skin, allowing the skin to wrinkle underneath. If you make the straps tighter then the top of the bra pushes the skin upwards causing horizontal wrinkles! I hope it works for others but for me it was a very expensive exercise, one which I wish I'd thought through more and decided against before paying out all that money.

vanessa hannam

I am soo happy with this pillow, it is so comfortable and I have noticed after a month or so my posture has gotten better. I love the silk pillow case as well. It feels amazing on my skin:) I am a very happy customer and will order from here again !

Jasmin Jie de Vries

The pillow is definitely very comfortable with just the right amount of firmness and the height of the pillow relieves my back pain. Overall a great purchase and I hope to see younger looking skin the more I use it!

Meredith Dozier

I have tried several other pillows, this sleep and glow pillow is by far the best pillow I have ever had.


The Sleep & Glow pillow has dramatically changed my sleep life. I used to wake up with neck and shoulder pain and an extra puffy face. Sleeping on my back has reduced the puffiness. Also no more pain. I was hesitant to purchase due to the price but now I'm a believer. This pillow was worth every penny.


Dear Sleep and Glow I have had my pillow for almost a week and am delighted with it. It is super comfortable and easy to get used to. It has always been hard for me to change pillows but this one is a delight. I am sleeping very well on it and when I wake up my skin feels rested in comparison to squashed. I take so much care of my skin that this feels like the necessary last step. I wish I had discovered this pillow earlier. Kind regards


I’m so thrilled with my sleep and go pillow. I have not only slept better but noticed a difference in my skin.


Been using mine for a week now. I really like this pillow .I been sleeping better, I sleep with a cpap and with the sides of this pillow, sure helps with the hose and mask from cpap .,Plus it helps with lines of my face i get from the cpap mask due to the indentions on this pillow really like that.. It also helps my hair with the nice silk pillow case. and this pillow looks nice too. I give this Item a A+

Lauren L.

I’m so happy I purchased my sleep and glow pillow. The ergonomic structure seems to help relax my neck and shoulders, plus it’s nice and breathable. I also no longer wake up with pillow creases when I sleep on my side. There was a slight memory foam scent when I first received it, but it quickly faded after airing it out for a couple days. Thank you for the amazing pillow!


For the first time in a long time, I am waking up with no neck pain. My neck and shoulders instantly relax into this pillow. Worth the investment.

Natalye Oratokhai

I recently purchased the pillow after watching Dr. Dray review. I have been using the pillow for a week and half. I love this pillow. I do not wake up with face creases. My face is no longer puffy when I wake up in the morning and no stiff neck. This is definitely money well spent.

Tara Elliott

The Sleep and Glow pillow has literally changed my life! Due to a neck injury, mornings were miserable for me using a traditional pillow. I would wake up stiff and sore. Ever since my first night with the Sleep and Glow, I now wake up feeling great! As a bonus, I no longer get those annoying pillow lines on my face that cause wrinkles. I LOVE my Sleep and Glow pillow!

The Miu Edit

I’m very pleased with my first Sleep & Glow pillow from night one! I was excited to find about the pillow as I’m a skincare / anti-aging fanatic as well as being a shallow sleeper to begin with. I’m still in a process of observing my face’s reaction against sleep wrinkles, but as to comfort the pillow gives me when I rest my head against it, surprised me. It didn’t take much time to get used to it and feels I could sleep deeper not worrying too much about sleep wrinkles! Stay tuned for a long term result...

Susanna Ho

It's very comfortable and feels soft


I am very particular about the pillow that it has to be just right firmness. I saw Sleep and Glow ads and it took me quite a while to get one. I was skeptical at first as none of this type of pillow that I tried felt comfortable. The Sleep and Glow pillow is different. It has the right height to support my neck. I found myself sleep in a good posture with my back down all night without curling around to find my comfy posture. And I know if I have to side sleep, there wont’t be creases on my face in the morning. I wake up feeling fresh and less back pain.

Stephanie Cusano

Great Pillow. The pillow case stays nice and cool and the shape and firmness are perfect. Highly recommend.

Andrea Kuhnertova

I love my pillow! I've always had a hard time sleeping on my back to prevent face wrinkles. This pillow is exactly what i needed, It really is luxurious, and much, much better than any pillow i've ever owned. My face doesn't get squished, it fits perfectly into the face cutout and its the most comfortable whether i sleep on a side or back. Actually, it feels really good to sleep on my back which i've always hated and couldn't do. It is also perfectly firm yet comfy. You definately need the silk cover as it defines all its curves, i cant imagine to not have it. It is a life-changer!

Paul B. Maltby

My wife asked for this pillow, and she couldn't be happier! It's soft, comfortable and relaxing. She's sleeping better and looks refreshed every morning.

Lekia Ross

So glad I found this pillow and decided to purchase it. I am all about skincare and anti-aging products so makes since to get a pillow designed for both. This is a very comfortable pillow and I even travel with it.

Mel Hicks

My neck feels more supported and no creases on my face when I wake up! Also, I've noticed I don't toss and turn as much at night trying to adjust myself into a comfortable position.

Rob Wilke

My wife and I love our new comfortable pillows.

Pamela Torres

I love this pillow, I wake up refreshed and way less puffy! My face doesn’t get squished in, therefore leaving no wrinkles throughout the night. Also my skincare products don’t get absorbed. Worth every penny!

Sylvia Anderson

I absolutely love this pillow. It took several days to get use to it, but now I do not get a good nights sleep without it. I forgot to take it on a trip and could not wait to get home to sleep on it again!


Great pillow !


Love this pillow! Super comfy and supportive. My neck feels less stiff than before and I love that I can sleep on my side without smushing my face.

Susan Roberts

Love my sleep and glow pillow. I bought it to help with sleeping wrinkles but live it because it’s so comfortable! I have neck issues and have paid hundreds trying to find the best pillow. I was amazing how well I slept the first night. It’s like sleeping on a cloud & divine.

Lisa Flint

I have purchased two sleep & glow pillows and love them. I am very satisfied with my purchases.

Barbara Garrett

My daughter wanted one of the pillows for Christmas. I ordered it and it was delivered to her quicker than I thought it would. I asked her after she had slept on it "How was it"!! She told me it was the most comfortable pillow ever and she had a great night's sleep. I was so happy to hear that and will consider ordering another in the future. Thank you so much for delivering a great product!!

Robert Sutherland

I received the pillow for my Fiancé in time for Christmas and she absolutely loves it, so much so that my head cannot even be in the proximity. (lol)


I am a side sleeper and I have an eye sleep wrinkle that was getting bad. When I started using my sleep and glow because of the cut outs it alleviated the wrinkle!! Very happy with it.

Marilyn Holt

I am so happy that I purchased the Sleep and Glow pillow. I had known that the way I sleep causes wrinkles but it wasn't until I actually noticed a line from smashing my face into the pillow that I researched "beauty pillow". The Sleep and Glow recieved the best reviews and is backed by scientific research. You are given a period of time to try it out to see if you like it, but I was surprised to sleep well on it the very first night. If you care about your face, you should own this pillow!

María Gonzalez

Awesome product


I love my pillow it helps me sleep better

David Holt

These pillows are absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of resistance. Very comfortable and soothing. I wake up feeling so much more rested. And I don't feel like my face has been smushed all night long.

Julia Amadee

Very soft and smooth pillow, nice quality.

Tina Pavlovec

I love the Sleep & Glow Pillow. It is very soft and the right height for back sleepers. I also found that I can sleep very comfortably on my belly, without ‘wrinkling’ my face. However, for side sleeping, I would prefer the forehead and neck supports to be a little longer and extend further out. I find that my face turns downward and slides off the pillow if I keep my ear in the void. If I move my head towards the center, the face doesn’t slide any longer, but my ear gets squished on the pillow. The pillow has a slight ‘new foam’ smell but nothing major. I noticed that I no longer get the sleeping wrinkles and I think I will continue using this pillow for quite a while. Thank you for such an awesome product.

Rachelle DeFreest

I am so happy I finally decided to buy the Sleep and Glow pillow. I love it. It’s very comfortable. I tried for a long time to sleep on my back to avoid face wrinkles, but I just couldn’t do it. Now I can sleep on my side but avoid the wrinkles. I also have neck issues and with this pillow I can sleep on my back or side and be comfortable. It is a great pillow!

Catherine Lawrence

I'm really enjoying the new sleep, and glow pillow. Thank You.

rayanatou andre keita

I decided to purchase this pillow after watching Dr Dray's review and I agree with her this is a life changer. This is comfortable and I experience less pain in the neck. For us that wear glasses too the lil corners allow you to watch a movie in bed without getting your face squished. Overall a great investment.

Natasha Petrush

This pillow was my Christmas gift and it is perfect!!! I enjoy it very much!!! It feels as if I’m sleeping in clouds, it is so soft!!!


After spending so much money on so many different pillows to help with neck pain I researched and this pillow kept getting great reviews. At first I didn't want to pay that much for a pillow but the more I thought about it I spent that much on so many pillows and I liked knowing if I did not like it I could return it. Well since I have been using this pillow it is the first time I dont wake up with neck pain and I also don't wake up with wrinkles on my face. I will take this pillow with me every where. I will be purchasing another soon.


I read many positive reviews before purchasing. My decision to buy was based primarily on neck support for back sleepers and anti face wrinkles when side sleeping. I've liked the head cradle & neck support, but don't find the rest of the pillow comfortable enough to warrant to cost. I read and tried the "how to use" guide and followed the "adaptation period" and have decided this is not the pillow for me. When transitioning from my back to side I wake up trying to get my face in the proper position which I haven't found comfortable. Also, my husband and I sleep close together and I thought it was just an awkward pillow in terms of height/size sleeping beside him, but I've been sleeping solo for a week now and my opinion hasn't changed so that's not the problem. Great concept, but it's not for me. I am returning within the 30 period which I hope doesn't cost a small fortune. I do feel the pillow is already over priced.

Hana Tafarella

I actually really ended up liking this pillow. It took some getting used to but now it feels very comfortable and my neck feels supported. Haven’t woken up with any sleep lines since I started using. Would definitely recommend!


I am amazed at how comfortable this pillow this pillow is! I have been obsessed with my 10 year old “Luscious” memory foam pillow and reluctant to give it up. However I noticed I was waking up with visible lines on my face from sleeping on my side. I found the Sleep &Glow pillow and could not be more pleased. It is so comfortable and I can tell my face is no longer being squished all night... I no longer wake up with sleep lines on my face. I only wish I had discovered it sooner!

Stacy Treadway

Love my sleep and glow pillow. Very comfortable and sleeps wonderful. It just cradles your head and has very good support. It seemed a little pricey but it’s worth it.


I was recently gifted this pillow and am very pleased with the product. I suffer from restless nights and occasional neck pain, so am happy to find a resolution. I wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. Thank you.


For years, I've been a side sleeper. Every morning, I would wake up with huge crease marks on the left side of my face. It would take several hours for them to go away--makeup couldn't hide the red lines :( I tried using multiple different pillows, a silk pillow case, etc., etc. and nothing worked! I was really getting concerned because sleeping on my side was aging my skin and making my under eye troughs very prominent. I asked for a Sleep & Glow pillow for my birthday and I'm so glad I did! After 2 nights of sleeping on the pillow, I can already tell a difference in my skin! The wrinkles are starting to fade from my eyebrow area and the area under my eye just along the cheekbone looks so much better. Yes, the pillow does take some adjusting and getting used to, but I feel it will be worth it long-term. The pillow doesn't seem to hurt my neck, either. It feels properly aligned and supported. I highly recommend this pillow!


I have tried several orthopedic pillows and this one is by far the most comfortable for side sleeping. I am a back and side sleeper and I love that I don’t have to worry about squishing my face if I roll over onto my side. It is very comfortable sleeping on my back or my side.


I love love love my chest pillow!!! I started to notice creases on my chest...since the use of my pillow those have decreased and it’s incredibly comfortable to sleep with. I loved the packaging! So thoughtful in design and feminine touch.


I love the pillow. I think if I were larger busted this would be a must because of the comfort. I am a average sized and love that it prevents sleeping wrinkles, but also find it very comfortable.

Debra Ward

I'm from Canada. Pillow and pillowcase, incl taxes and exchange rate is Cdn$385 and I paid duty, additional $54, TOTAL $439. This is one expensive pillow!! But I am a side sleeper and cannot train myself out of that habit. I have tried many other versions of pillows!! I am 54 yrs old and am tired of puffiness and lines on my face from my current pillows. I read the reviews and thought I'd try this out. My initial thought, is that I love the feel of the memory foam (quite plush) and appreciate the hollowed out construction on the sides. I am trying it out tonight. I will review my experience giving it a real chance. I just wanted other Canadians to be aware of the price and what to expect with duty costs.

Freyr Thors

I love the pillow. It makes a huge difference to how fast I fall asleep. I’m a side sleeper and always wake up puffy but I don’t at all with the pillow. My head feels lighter somehow to too and not as heavy. It’s very expensive especially for me in Iceland because the taxes are really high but it was still worth, your sleep is so important... I bought the silk pillow case too and love it.

Raechel Brown

Mmm Add £50.00 to £100.00 pounds on to your order cost. £100.00 pounds I had to pay customs to get my order. So in total paid £200.00 pounds for my order & £100.00 pounds extra. Won't recommend to clients or friends or family. Hopefully the pillow is as good as it's made out to be??? But I'm thinking it won't be i will try pillow for few months see if I see any difference. I doubt this review will be put on there own website as it not a positive review.


Pillow has stopped my neck pain which is good not sure about wrinkles yet??? Customers be aware you have to pay taxes before pillow is delivered to you £95.00pounds I paid on top of the cost of the pillow & the postage. Dont remember seeing this on check out about the taxes but you are liable to pay them.

Saundra Roc

OMG I am over the moon with my new pillow


Amazing pillow!!! My new best friend. I never take the time to write reviews but had to for this product. its brilliantly designed to fit all the curves on your heck, head, and face. And the foam is super comfortable..the right mix of firmness and comfort.


After 6 months of sleeping on this pillow, I am hooked! I have to take it with me when I travel because I like it so much. Before Sleep & Glow, I was a stomach sleeper which caused so many problems. I wasn't aligned properly while I slept, which wasn't good for posture. But my biggest issue was the puffy eyes and face creases that I had every morning after sleeping with my face buried my old pillow. I've had allergies all my life, so my eyes need every bit of help they can get! Now, I'm a side sleeper and sometimes even a back sleeper, and my face is ready for the day when I wake up!


I love this pillow! It's helped me a lot with my posture, and I no longer wake up with a sore neck, traps, and shoulders. It took me 1-2 nights to get used to it, but by the 3rd night the aforementioned areas felt so much relief! However, the memory foam and pillow case turned a weird grey color when I put on a night moisturizer and slept on my side on the pillow. A little sad about ruining my pillow but overall still a good experience :)

Mary L

Best pillow ever! Hands down. I had an awful under eye wrinkles which was worsening each night because I’m a 100% side sleeper. The wrinkle is going away after using this pillow. Not to mention it’s probably the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had. Expensive yes, but worth every penny.


I was very excited to get this pillow based on Dr. Dray's recommendation, unfortunately it did not work for me. there is an upward angle between sections 2 and 3 that was uncomfortable no matter how I adjusted. Sadly the pillow went back. Customer service was good, they don't offer free return shipping and I had to pay 30$ in postage. I am still waiting for the credit to come through a couple weeks later, this is probably related to COVID19 processing delays.

Cherie Jones

I just had a very positive experience with customer service of Sleep and Glow. I bought the original pillow and then within the month return period a new pillow was introduced. I emailed to see if I could upgrade. They got back to me right away. They said I could return the pillow and purchase the new one. I paid for the return but then they refunded everything else I had paid, including the original shipping cost. It was quick, easy, and I’m looking forward to purchasing my new Omni pillow. I will also order the silk pillowcase in addition to the Tencel that comes with it. The pillow is like sleeping on a soft cloud! I have been very pleased!!! Five stars!


I wasn’t sure if this was going to be comfortable but Wow this pillow is awesome! Highly recommend!!


I LOVE LOVE this Pillow, would’nt want to be without it anymore. My only complaint is, that I had to ozone it 2x before I could use it, the smell really bothered me ,but now I AM IN HEAVEN .


I love, love this pillow. I had wrinkles only on the right side of my face and I believe that it is because I sleep on that side. I can not say that this pillow is the solo reason for my skin improvement as I also started using topicals at the same time. However, this pillow is the only reason I can sleep on my back. I also find the side sleeping face cradle helpful.


I am a 5'2 woman petite sized. I wanted to be able to use this pillow for sleeping on my back and if I turned to my side, to use the side cradle with the pocket to avoid causing my face to be squashed. The sides have such a long high area before you reach the pocket that there is no way my neck could fit in that pocket if I turned to the side. So I just wind up with my face squashed on that side of the pillow without it going into the pocket. I reached out to customer service first to see if there was a modification I could make to somehow get this to work for a person my size. They said no. I then emailed them to see if I could return the pillow ( I was outside the return window) and they said no. At this price point, I really feel customer service could have done a lot better. It is so large on the sides that I don't think anyone under 5'5 at the least could reach this side pocket.


I'm very pleased with how I can sleep on my back with this new pillow. I've had the other sleep and glow pillow for side or back sleeping for about a year, but decided I wanted to sleep on my back, so I bought this one.. This new pillow has even better materials and construction. It seems softer without sacrificing the neck support. There was about a week long adjustment with waking through the night, because I'm used to sleeping on my side. After that, my sleep has been even deeper. I don't toss and turn as much as I did before. My neck feels better during the day, and my shoulder is definitely better.I also find the skin on my face is less irritated.


I have owned the Omnia pillow with the silk pillowcase for about a month. I am 5 ft 3 inches so I don't know if that makes a difference with comfort. I wear size 10 petite clothes. I removed the extra foam in the pillow because that made it impossible to sleep. I am normally a side sleeper so sleeping on the pillow is training me to sleep on my back more. It has not been the most comfortable experience for me. I had a real good pillow prior to this pillow from Intellibed so I am familiar with good pillows. I would rate it 2.5 stars. I use Obagi skincare and I do believe in the long run this could help with not being puffy in the morning if you sleep on your back.

Tamara Lopicic

I got my pillow for christmas and i afore it. After the first night my face was smooth and not swollen! I had no problems getting used to sleep on it. It is pricy,but worth a 100%!

Charissa McSwain

I purchased my Sleep & Glow pillow for a different reason than most. I use a Bi-PAP machine every night (similar to CPAP for sleep apnea). As a side sleeper, the mask of my Bi-PAP unseals when my masked face pushes against the pillow. When it unseals, the noise of the escaping air wakes me up. This happens multiple times per night. Not only does the design of your pillow prevent wrinkles, but it also keeps my mask sealed, leading to a complete night's sleep. So thankful for your thoughtfully designed pillow. Looking forward to many more blissful uninterrupted nights of sleep.

Sheila Feuerstein

I ordered a pillow for my daughter for Christmas. I started worrying when I saw it was stuck in Barcelona for days on end and contacted Customer Service. They could not have been nicer, nor offered a better service! When it looked like it wasn't going to arrive on time for Christmas, they said I could even have it free of charge to avoid further disappointment. It did however arrive on time, due to their extra efforts and I happily paid. 10 out of 10 for Customer Service and my daughter says 10 out of 10 for the pillow. I have rarely seen better Customer Service and the pillow is top quality!

Clare McNicoll

This pillow is great. I just received it and tried lying down on it. I try to sleep on my back but i can also be a side sleeper. This pillow is so comfortable that I should be able to sleep on my back which will help with neck pain, but also prevent wrinkles. I love it! The eucalyptus pillow case is very soft. I thought I would prefer silk, but this is just as soft.

Moira Bradshaw

This pillow is very comfortable. Unfortunately, where it cradles my face causes some compression. The scalloped area does not match with where my face presses on the pillow. I would prefer the first raised part of the pillow be about 2 inches narrower.

Brenda Johnson

I am totally amazed , the difference this pillow has made in the quality of my sleep. I now have two pillows. One for at home and one to take with me when away from home. I am a seasoned side sleeper who has been working on a solution to becoming a back sleeper. This pillow is very comfortable while on back. The neck support is just right to go sleep. When I feel the need to turn on my side the wrinkles I used to deal with in the mornings are minimal. I’m proud to say that, as of now, I sleep mainly on my back throughout the night and wake up refreshed. This sleep and glow pillow has been a tremendous help and I recommend it for anyone who is wanting to break the side sleeping hábil. ♥️

Katarina Forster

I love everything about my new pillow. It's so comfy and cozy. I sleep better than I ever have before. My sinuses are some how better after making the switch. The invest is so so worth it. This pillow is amazing. My forehead wrinkles already look better!!!


I love my Sleep&Glow pillows! I purchased both the Aula and Omnia and alternate using them. I get a great night sleep and no wrinkles.!I also purchased an Aula for my daughter for Christmas, it’s never too early to start using these amazing pillows!

Leslie H.

I own both pillows and love them both. I have had 7 spine surgeries and need neck support and also change my position from side to side and to the back every two hours due to back pain. I love the omnia for my side sleeping and to stop any further face creasing. Then I purchased the aula for when I sleep on my back, but also use it when I am in bed doing computer work or watching TV. I put it on top of a regular pillow and it is the right height with good neck support. It keeps me in the right neck position, which is important for me. The pillows are very well made, very soft, as well as supportive to your neck. Both are excellent designs that make it comfortable to sleep longer and better for your face and neck. They are worth the price and I love my silk pillowcases. I always want to have both on my bed.


I've got both sleep&glow omnia and sleep&glow aula and i absolutely adore them!! they are definitely on the pricey side as far as pillows go but honestly? they're an investment as far as i'm concerned and i can genuinely say my face and my back thank me for the purchase every day. they're comfortable, the neck support is absolutely fantastic and pretty much eliminated my neck-pain completely. WORTH EVERY PENNY.


I heard about Sleep and Glow through a YouTube influencer and was interested in the fact that a side benefit was that it helped with headaches. I hesitated making the investment but found that I had already gone through 2-3 other standard pillows trying to sleep better so I went for it and loved it . I’ve gotten both my husband and sister hooked on it.


I love it! I found my pillow!

Tara Aroz

I have been sleeping on the Aula pillow for approximately 5 weeks and I can say that it has helped me in three major ways. First, I am successfully learning how to sleep on my back after 40 years of being a stomach and slide sleeper. Sleeping on my back has ended the wake-up lines on my face, has helped my breathing and my hair looks better in the morning. Second, I no longer wake up with neck and/or shoulder stiffness or pain. My arthritis seems to have improved a bit. Third, I am sleeping more consistently. I do not toss and turn as much and because I sleep more still, I often sleep through the night. I would highly recommend this pillow and will be repurchasing when this pillow wears out; yet it well made so I expect it to last a good, long time.

Phyllis A. Rhoton

I’m writing to say how amazing the Aula pillow is. Initially, I was a little hesitant about its shape, but I decided to try it and return it if I wasn’t satisfied. I also own the original Omnia and I’ve recently purchased the updated Omnia, as well. The Aula is so comfortable because it cradles your head to sleep on your back and I find myself sleeping on this when I’m restless. I really do believe in all of your Sleep and glow innovations. I’ve tried other pillows but yours is the BEST on the market. I’m sure your company has put a lot of time and hard work into perfecting this pillow with the intention of helping people attain better sleep health. I’m sure you see your efforts bearing more fruit.

Hazel Adams

I have always slept on my back but during the night I would automatically turn and sleep on my right side and squash my cheek which has over the years dragged the jowls down which is the main reason that I purchased this pillow which stops you turning on to the side of your face in a very natural way. I have to say I wish I had known this information way before now! It has really helped the jowls so I am delighted. An added bonus has been my neck has it really supports the neck vertebrae which is where I have wear and tear following years spent hunched over a bank of computers at my desk... so less pain and suffering. Plus it has also lessened the lines on my neck as I’m not perched up on two pillows which had given me a folded look these lines have improved dramatically. I did hesitate buying for quite a while as I thought the price was expensive now I would never consider sleeping on any other pillow.

Loren Brown

My experience has been just great. I had knee surgery and had to learn to sleep on my back. This pillow has been absolutely perfect. It is very expensive but getting good sleep is priceless and I’m glad I decided to spring for it. I already own a classic Sleep and Glow pillow and knew it would be a quality product. The classic pillow is wonderful for my usual side-sleeping, but I really needed more of a “cavern” shape, which the Aula offers, to help me comfortably fall and stay asleep on my back.


I love my AULA pillow!


I bought this on a recommendation from Dr. Dray (who may have directed a lot of customers to your site by now), and it was definitely worth the price. I liked the Omnia pillow so much, I bought the Aula as well so I could finally forgo sleeping on my side, and I have never slept better. Yes, the pillow has anti-wrinkle benefits, but the shoulder and neck support that both pillows offer has me sleeping throughout the night and not waking up with stiff shoulders, which I think is an even bigger bonus.

Eve M Segasture

I LOVE my new Aula pillow! I have the Omnia too, and I thought that would be my favorite, but I really awaken refreshed and without a sore neck after sleeping with the Aula pillow! It really helps a serial side sleeper to sleep on her back and I love it! Totally worth the price tag!


I purchased the Aula pillow to train myself to sleep on my back. I started as a stomach/side sleeper but have worked up to longer periods of sleep on my back. There is a learning curve to sleep on your back. It is definitely worth it because my eyes are less puffy in the morning. The pillow is super comfortable, especially with the silk pillow case. One piece of advice is to practice relaxing on the pillow without sleeping. Just lay on it and let your shoulders and neck get accustomed to the cradle.


I bought the Aula. The shape is absolutely amazing. No more weird wrinkles on your cheeks or on the side of the eyes when you wake up (even if you were a back sleeper already and used a regular pillow). There is no need to eventually buy special pillow cases; any will fit fine. Personally I use it the other way round (I do not use the neck cradle but I turn it around and have the two side neck support bolsters directly on the side of my face. The high is the same on both sides anyway). Be aware of the smell of memory foam shall you be very sensitive to odors. It might take a really good while to disappear (maybe a good idea to leave it outside for a couple of weeks before using it).


I have had the same pillow for several years. It was really a challenge to switch. Thank goodness I waited to switch until I could get the sleep & glow pillow. It is fantastic. I had major surgery and could only sleep on my back and partially upright. The sleep & glow pillow aided in making my recovery smoother. Thank you sleep & glow.

andrea wishnow

I find my pillow is very comfortable and it makes it easier to sleep on my back. I'm so happy I got one.

Soraya Rahimi-Rizi

I ordered the pillow and chest support bra. There was a little bit of delay in receiving the item due to Christmas and Brexit taking place and I was slightly disappointed by this however the customer service in this company is second to none. They really went out of their way to try and make me a happy customer. I have now received both items and they’re honestly amazing. I would completely recommend investing in the pillow and totally recommend the company as a whole! Thank you sleep and glow


I bought the sleep and glow pillow a few months ago and wow!!! I wake up feeling so rested and no wrinkles on the side of my face. I look refreshed and glowy. When I lay down I just sink into the pillow and in a few minutes I’m out! It’s like I’m sleeping on a little cloud.

Meagan Abell

I have the Omnia pillow and can not sleep without it now it will come on my next vacation. It took about 5 sleeps to get use to and after that I have been sleeping much deeper and longer threw out the night. Love waking up with no sleep lines and a well rested mind.

Vetta Abramov

I am in love with my sleep and glow pillow. I bought one for myself and present one to my sister. Amazing. My face is getting better every single day. Thanks a lot!!


Its an amazing product! I am going to order omnia for my daughter.


I purchased the sleep and glow pillow, but after a couple of weeks realized it wasn't going to work for me. I am more of a stomach sleeper. I emailed the manufacturer to see how I would go about returning the pillow for a refund. I received an email back within a few moments with the instructions to return the pillow. Once I took the pillow to UPS to ship back to the company, I provided the company with the tracking number. I received a full refund within 48 hours. I commend this company for standing behind their product and their customer service for staying on top of things. I think this pillow is a great concept and I am sure there are many people who would benefit from this.


I love all of my Sleep&Glow products. I have the original pillow, cleavage pillow, silk, and eucalyptus pillowcases. They are all great! the pillows are so comfy and hold their shape. The cleavage pillow seems to be working. I bought it as a preventative measure. Only thing that I'd say to someone thinking about the cleavage pillow, is that it takes time getting used to. I wouldn't say that it is comfortable, but if it keeps me from getting chest wrinkles, I'll wear it every night. If you are on the fence, it is worth trying. I was pleasantly surprised. For the price, it is worth it. It is expensive, but you get what you pay for. High quality, comfy pillows.



Kristie Smith

This is a lifesaver for my pregnancy boobs, which are enormous and rub together and get all sweaty without this pillow bra. Absolutely recommend! I got one for my bff and am going to order an extra for myself.


I just tried the pillow one night and it seems to be very comfortable. I had neck surgery a few years ago and I get tension and some pain in my neck and shoulders if I don use the right support. I know it may seem hasty to post a review after just one use, but I can see how the ergonomic design might prevent pressure on the face and wrinkles caused by sleeping on your side. Nevertheless, the main purpose is to comment on the excellent customer service. I never received my first order but the delivery company said it left it in my front door. Because signature was not required, they did not accept any responsibility on the lost package. I contacted the company to let them know I never got to see the item. They replied promptly asking confirmation of address and sent me a second pillow very quickly. This time they used a different delivery company and I finally received my order. For that, I am very grateful!


It did take me a few days to get used to it, but once I adapted, I love it! I cannot go back to a regular pillow. Make sure you play with the extra layer to find what is the best height for you.


I like it. Convenient, though it wasn't like that at the beginning (as always with a new thing). But, now I like it. I sleep well. No complaints yet.


I got used to the pillow pretty quickly, in 2-3 nights. It is very convenient and very pleasant on the skin. In my opinion, my face looks fresher and less swollen after sleeping. The silk pillowcase is very delicate and soft.


I used to suffer from morning swelling on my face. I tried several expensive water pillows, but nothing worked. Now that I’ve started using Sleep&Glow the swelling around my eyes has begun to disappear. I will continue using the pillow and hope to see even more improvements.


I feel great sleeping on this pillow. I had no difficulty adapting to it from the very first use. The pillow is moderately dense, which is good for me, so my head and neck are not aching in the morning. The pillow doesn’t leave any marks on the face.


Hello! I really like Sleep&Glow! I did not feel any discomfort with my first use, it is very comfy. My head and neck are in the right position, so they don’t get numb and I don't feel tired after sleeping.


I tried a different beauty pillow several years ago, which was a very disappointing experience because I couldn’t sleep on it at all and I eventually abandoned it. Recently, a friend of mine told me about Sleep&Glow. She said that it was very comfortable, and she liked it even more than her usual pillow. I decided to try it and it worked – my skin looks better, and I am enjoying a nice, deep sleep. Also, when I received the item, I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully everything was packed - fancy wrapping paper, a box, a glossy brochure. Delivery was also very quick.


I needed no adaptation period because I used to sleep on a similar pillow, but the previous one made my ears ache. Sleep&Glow is comfortable, and the silk pillowcase is very cool! I have no issues at all! Thank you for the wonderful pillow!


I made multiple attempts to get used to sleeping on my back, but I just cannot relax like that. When I saw the ad, I decided that I needed to try this pillow. I usually have pretty deep sleep lines that don’t completely disappear in the mornings, but now I can say that I look less swollen for sure. Hope these sleep lines and pillow marks will disappear completely at some point. I got used to the Sleep&Glow pillow quickly, because I used to sleep on an orthopaedic pillow before, it feels very similar.


This pillow is quite a cool product. Before, I noticed that that my facial skin got stretched during the night and I would see pillow marks on my face in the morning. I’ve been using Sleep&Glow for only a week, but I’ve already noticed a difference. In the mornings my face is not as swollen as before and looks fresher and younger. I immediately got used to the design of the pillow, since I had used an orthopaedic pillow before.


To sleep on this beauty pillow is a pleasure; it's really comfortable. I don't see any pillow marks on my face, and my neck pain faded away. I would recommend this pillow to my friends.


My biggest concern was that this pillow would be uncomfortable, as its shape is odd. But, now I can say it is very comfortable. I felt some discomfort during the first night, but the second night was fine. I bought this pillow to no longer wake up with a squashed face. It really works, maybe not 100%, but 70-80% for sure. The only thing I don't like is its high price, but I must say that the pillow material is very high quality and the pillowcase made of natural eucalyptus fabric is very soft to the touch.


I wanted to say that the material of the pillow is so comfortable, it just wraps my face! My husband asks if there is an ordinary orthopedic pillow made of such material? Where could I buy it?


This pillow foam is just superb. I do not know what it is, but it feels like it comfortably wraps around my face and head. And, it's not too soft and not too firm, very comfortable! The pillow package looks like an expensive cream box – the box itself, wrapping paper, detailed instruction – all is top-quality.


My main problem is morning puffiness, as I like burying my face in the pillow. In the morning, my face looks swollen and riddled with pillow creases. I spent a long time deciding whether or not to buy the Sleep&Glow pillow, as it costs a lot, but eventually I decided to try it. In the beginning, it seemed a bit strange, but I quickly got used to it after only one night. I was surprised how comfortable it was. After the first night, I noticed that my swelling decreased slightly. In two weeks, my overall complexion looks healthier.


It took me some time to get used to the Sleep&Glow pillow, because it was higher than my previous one, but it was not that difficult. I followed the instructions and adapted to it in a couple of nights, and now I’m even thinking of taking it on vacation. I want also to say the foam is very comfortable and my neck finally stopped going numb. I cannot say anything about the wrinkles as I don’t have many of them, but I sleep well and look better for sure. Morning puffiness also went away. I used to have a different orthopaedic pillow, a much more expensive one, but I won’t return to it.


I just want to ask why you can wash your pillowcase only at 30-40℃? It's very inconvenient for me, because I normally wash bed linen at 90℃. I like the pillow itself very much, but the pillowcase is not thought out that well. Please, make pillowcases that can be washed at 90℃!


Hello. I got my pillow. It’s the second night I’ve slept on it and I’m enjoying it. Thank you very much, I don't see one single morning line on my face. The pillow is very comfortable and pleasant to lie on. I didn’t even have to get used to it. I'm very happy with it.


I saw a Sleep&Glow commercial on Facebook and bought it without thinking, even though it is pretty expensive for me. Before I had tried various orthopaedic pillows, with different organic fillers such as bamboo buckwheat or feathers. However, as I am a stomach sleeper who likes putting my arms under the pillow, I often woke up with pains in my head, neck, shoulders and arms. I did not have to get used to Sleep&Glow at all, we made friends right away. Surprisingly, I began to get better sleep almost immediately. My face doesn’t look squashed in the mornings anymore, despite the fact that I sleep for just 5-6 hours. I plan to give Sleep&Glow to my daughter as a Christmas gift, so she can have a good sleep. I definitely recommend it!


I bought this pillow for both my mother and I. The first night was a little bit of an adjustment to sleep in these cradles, but after that I got used to it quickly. My mom got used to it in a couple of nights too. Almost immediately, the swelling in my face decreased and my mind became clearer in the mornings. Sleep wrinkles became less noticeable, especially so on my mother’s face - she saw a difference after one month of use. In general, it is very comfortable to sleep on, especially on your back, which is the healthiest position to sleep in. I don’t want to use regular pillows anymore, so I take Sleep&Glow with me when I travel.


Thank you for the pillow, it is so convenient! I was comfortable with it immediately, without any adaptation period necessary. Even when I’m out of town I take it with me as now I don’t want to sleep on anything else. My husband also likes it a lot. My face puffiness visibly decreased, which is a big deal for me because my body is prone to swelling.


Thank you very much, the pillow is awesome. I have implants in my neck, so finding a comfortable position for sleep is quite a challenge for me. With this pillow, I felt comfortable from the very first night; I didn't even have to get used to it. Just a miracle!


I was hesitant before ordering Sleep&Glow, since I had slept on orthopaedic pillows before and had felt no special effects. But, after I bought Sleep&Glow, I noticed my morning swellings were gone and my sleep became deeper. I easily get up early now, even without an alarm clock. Thank you for that product!


I bought this pillow because I wanted to get rid of my "crumpled" morning face. I have been using it for three months and I have never regretted choosing Sleep&Glow, despite having disappointing experiences with various orthopaedic pillows of different shapes and similar prices before. The foam is fantastic! I would strongly recommend this product!


I regularly applied masks and did face gymnastics, but when I woke up my face was still covered with pillow marks and creases. I bought Sleep&Glow a week ago after some hesitation and reading a lot of reviews, since its price is quite high. But now I’m satisfied. Thank you. I don’t have morning lines or neck pains anymore.

Jo Ann

This pillow is just great! It is really pleasant to sleep on, not too soft and not too firm. You feel as though you’re sleeping on a cloud. I decided to use it right away for the whole night, and I can say that the first couple of nights I felt unusual, but then I got used to it. Besides the younger-looking skin, I felt that my back pain had disappeared. The standard pillowcase is also great – very gentle to the touch and pleasant to the skin. I am very happy with the purchase!!


It’s been a month since I started to sleep on the Sleep&Glow pillow. And I will continue doing so. I haven’t identified any disadvantages. Some may say that the price is too high, but I think that true quality is worth the money. Material quality, no smells, material resistance yet softness for comfortable sleep and touch were important to me. Sleep&Glow met my criteria. I can reassure you that this pillow is the most comfortable one from all orthopaedic pillows I’ve ever tried.

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